, Doussie

Botanical NameAfzelia africana

Janka Hardness: 1810 – about 50% harder than Red Oak.

Appearance: Sapwood is pale-ish yellow to white; heartwood ranges from light brown to reddish brown. Straight and interlocked grain. Mostly uniform (and, sometimes, coarse) texture. Bright orange color will darken with time, like Mahogany.

Properties: Has excellent dimensional stability. A very popular choice among exotic hardwoods due to its durability and resistance to termites.

Finishing: Doussie has a satisfactory response to staining because its pores contain water-soluble yellow deposits. As such, water-based finishes are often the most challenging. UV finishes and aluminum oxide are reported to have more success on Doussie.

Applications: Besides flooring, Doussie’s hardness and strength also make it highly coveted for decking, furniture, and construction.