, Pachyloba

Botanical NameAfzelia Pachyloba

Janka Hardness: 1810

Appearance: Very similar to Doussie. Sapwood is pale yellow to white. Heartwood is light brown to reddish brown (usually upon exposure). Grain is straight to moderately interlocked. Texture is moderately coarse. Pachyloba has a moderately lustrous surface.

Properties: Very hard and dense – harder than Teak. Has excellent dimensional stability, i.e: exhibits very little movement in response to environmental changes (ambient temperature, humidity). Highly resistant to rot and termites.

Finishes: Pachyloba has a satisfactory response to staining because its pores contain water-soluble yellow deposits. As such, water-based finishes are often the most challenging. UV finishes and aluminum oxide are reported to have more success.

Applications: Flooring, boat construction, furniture, veneering.