, Zebrawood

Also referred to as Zebrano or Zingana

Botanical NameMicroberlinia brazzavillensis

Janka Hardness: 1575 – 20% harder than Red Oak.

Appearance: yellow brown to light brown, with unmistakable dark brown or black Zebra-like stripes. Interlocked to wavy grain. Coarse texture.

, Zebrawood

Zebrawood: Flat-sawn vs. Quarter-sawn

Properties: Durable, known to resist denting and traffic wear very well. Very resistant to decay and insects.

Finishing: Zebrawood has large open pores. Thus, it’s highly recommended to first use a pore filler.

Applications: Zebrawood is used for flooring, decorative veneering, cabinetry, and even in luxury cars!