About Us

At African Wood Exotics (AWE), we provide exotic hardwood flooring and decking 100% manufactured in Africa.

What differentiates us from the rest?
African species are primarily brought in the U.S as lumber. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, hardwood lumber constitutes about 60% of U.S imports of forest products from the African continent, and 85% of U.S wood imports from Cameroon.

At AWE, we bring you those same beautiful African species already processed into flooring and decking, hence ready to be installed in your home, office or commercial building!

We have met various people within the wood flooring industry. While they have been impressed with our samples, the most recurring concerns have been:

  1. “I love your wood, but dealing with U.S. Customs is a pain in the rear and I really don’t want to do that.”
    Every time we’ve heard that question, we’ve given the same answer which usually elicited laughs from our audience: “we’ll do the dirty job so you don’t have to!” In other words, don’t worry about answering to U.S Customs or having to submit paperwork to them. We will take of that!

    Which leads us to the other concern:
  2. “Are you Lacey Act compliant?”
    The Lacey Act is a U.S law in place to, among other purposes, ban the trade of illegally sourced wood & wood products. Under the Lacey Act, importers MUST declare their shipments, including information such as species and country of origin. We are proud to say that we are Lacey Act compliant. We have documentation proving the legality of our supply chain from its very origin.