Botanical Name: Milicia excelsa

Janka Hardness: 1260 – similar to Yellow Birch, comparable to Red Oak

Appearance: Sapwood is white and clearly demarcated from heartwood. Color of heartwood varies from golden to medium brown, which makes Iroko look like Teak. Heartwood will darken with age.
Because of its appearance, Iroko is also referred to as “African Teak.”

Properties: Strong and durable wood. Resistant to rot and insects, making Iroko an excellent option for outdoor applications.

Finishing: Responds well to finishes. Often used with UV cured aluminum oxide finishes.

Applications: Flooring, furniture, veneer, boat construction, railroad ties, decking.

Iroko: Teak-lite? Not only does Iroko look like Teak, many of its properties are comparable to Teak’s. Iroko may lack the “greasy feel” of Teak is cheaper than Teak. The combination of low price and shared similarities not only makes Iroko a highly sought-after alternative to Teak, but also an excellent option on its own.